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Welcome to Bright House Lighting

Our Bright House Family

With over 22 years of experience, Bright House has served thousands of homes all across Singapore. We started out having a simple vision of brightening up people’s home. From there, our company expanded from only installing lights to providing even more services such as installing fans, water heaters, cooking hob and hoods, furnitures and air-cons. Today, Bright House specialises in installation of lightings, ceiling fans, water heaters, air-cons, servicing and maintenance, whole house rewiring and plumbing services.

Furthermore, our Sales Staffs have many years of experience and will recommend you with lightings and fans that will best suit your home. Our installers are friendly and helpful too and will provide efficient and reliable services to all our customers.You are very welcome to come down to our 3 outlets, whichever most convenient for you, to look at the products that we offer which may not be displayed on our webpage. We strive to render our services to even more homes islandwide and improvise our system to better serve you.

  • For Ceiling Fans, we mostly offer the ones that have DC Motor and AC Motors that have Life-Time Warranty. DC Motors are especially recommended as it saves up to 50% of energy. Not only that, the blades can be reversed so that it is suitable for all climates and preferences. The blades of our Ceiling Fans are mostly Acrylic as it does not rust and requires low maintenance. The lights on our Ceiling Fans are energy saving LED lights that are long lasting and bright. Therefore, our Ceiling Fans are your trusted choice.  

  • For lightings, we provide an extensive range from Vintage to Modern and even ones that can play music through Bluetooth connection! We highly recommend our LED lights as they are energy saving and require low maintenance. You can even change the tones of the lights just by pressing on the switch! We suggest that you come down to our outlets to play around with the variety of lights that we offer!

  • For Water Heaters, we offer various brands of water heaters that you can choose from. Most of our water heaters have an ultra-slender profile and is the perfect complement for any space constrained interior.  They also look very classy and modern, thus adding a little pinch of accent to your shower area. Our storage heaters are also mega energy savers! They are easy to install and have efficient thermal insulation. Most importantly, they are safe, durable and will satisfy all customers.

Why not call us NOW@ 6743 3533 to discuss your requirements! Our friendly sales support will be more than happy to render our services!

Telephone: (65) 6743 3533

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